Stop Motion Animation Reel

Below is my stop motion animation reel which consists many personal projects as well as client work. Some of those clients include Samsung and Exxon Mobil. Always stay tuned here as I am constantly updating my reel with new work! Thanks for watching.


A Fresh Cut was my DePaul Senior Capstone film. My film was selected to play at DePaul's Premiere Film Festival where it received the Classic Cinema Award and a nomination for best animated film. I spent a total of 2 quarters (6 months) creating this piece. I played the role of director, animator, editor, puppet fabricator, set designer, and everything else that went into this creation. It was a great experience filling all of these roles and I can't wait for the next film!


The following are stills from the film which I allow you to see the level of detail that went into the design and composition of each shot.

Vfx Pass

This is a vfx pass for one of the shots from A Fresh Cut which included an overlapping rig, multiple passes of secondary character cycles and background replacement.

Littering PSA

This was my very first stop motion. It was made on the kitchen table of my garden unit apartment. One of my biggest inspirations was the TV show Creature Comforts. 

Bar Keep

This bit was created with limited time and resources which led to something a bit odd but very fun. A new, unfinished puppet among old, decapitated ones, past set pieces, and a fun edit deliver a quirky little story.

Filth - testing

Sometimes these tests are the most fun! Just messing around with my new slider and lights!